We are preparing Update for "Vroom in the night sky".


Hi.I'm Hiroshi Ishikawa.

at first, I have poor English. but I'll put all my effort.
Let me know if there's anything wrong with my English.

now, We are preparing Update for "Vroom in the night sky".

Patch 1.1.0 Notes

** Playable Content
* add a Driving School.

I'm sure that After the Magical Driving School, the Stage will be fun.

You can study Magical Bike Driving technic for collection stardust.(10 missions)
If you play this mode at first time, you will get many stardust.
Please use stardust for get first fast Magical Bike.

** Renewal Magical Bike Prices
the shop will reduce some Magical Bike prices.
If you have already bought, the shop will pay you the difference.

* Magical Racer 50
200000 -> 100000
* Magical Tank 50V
200000 -> 100000
* Magical offroad X125
300000 -> 150000
** System
* best record
It will keep a best record.

* operation manual
display manual in the title too, not only in the stage.

* magical bike's engine and sound.
We change the fuel cut control program for in high revolution.
and adjust the volume of the exhaust sound.

** Resolved Issues
* upward or lowward jump
It's will adjust the L Stick sensitivity at the time of press x button for rotation jump.

* wheels
An issue wherein the "bike", wheels would not rotate. will resolve.

* talk
Renewal the conversation data for English.

* spell mistake
An issue wherein the "shop", that will correct "buyed" to "sold out".  and we correct the other misspellings.

* Collision detection
An issue wherein "Night Sky of the Resort Mood",
It would been able to go to the under the ground. will resolve.

The update is scheduled for early April and free.


Hiroshi Ishikawa

 - お知らせ