About Kickstarter project, "Order Land!" English Version (Switch/STEAM/Xbox One)


We started the Kickstarter project "Order Land!" English Version (Switch / STEAM / Xbox One).

This project is seeking support for translation costs to develop an English version of "Order Land!" that released in Japan for Nintendo Switch.

And, detailed information can be confirmed on the following site.

Kickstarter Project Page
"Order Land! " English Version (Switch/STEAM/Xbox One)

About "Order Land!”

"Order Land!” is "King simulation + Training Hero ADV + brave adventure RPG"

There are thousands of text to express these appropriately to make it English, so the translation expenses will become larger than usual for releasing this wonderful game other than Japanese.

However, we found a wonderful paradise called Kickstarter. We really would like everyone in the world to enjoy "Order Land!" so we would like to request for the assistance!

When the funds reached 5 million yen, it will be translated from Japanese to English properly "Order Land!" and released on STEAM(PC), Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch North America / Europe.

Would you like to invest this project and enjoy this ”Order Land!” world?

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