Privacy Policy(in English)

POISOFT Co., Ltd. may have you offer The information that can identify an individual from all of you for the purpose of better service and the offer of the product.

The personal information that had you provide pays the attention that we are severe and, based on the following basic policy, manages it.

  1. POISOFT Co., Ltd. observes a law about the personal information.
  2. POISOFT Co., Ltd. uses personal information only for the purpose that we confirmed to you beforehand. When we use your personal information for the purpose of being different, we inform you of a purpose some other time. We use personal information only when it is admitted by you.
  3. POISOFT Co., Ltd. takes the safety measures to prevent loss, manipulation, a leak by the personal information that we collected from all of you. And we manage it severely.
  4. The poi software Co., Ltd. never discloses your personal information to a third party. But the following cases are excluded.
    • When laws and ordinances demand disclosure from us.
    • When the Justice and government demand disclosure from us.
    • When we get the consent from the person who offered personal information.
    • When personal identification and identification are impossible.(It is not merely data of the degree that deleted the personal name. Statistics data etc....)
  5. When we can do identity verification, the poi software Co., Ltd. gives every possible response in demands such as deletion of the personal information, suspension, correction or reading.

POISOFT Co., Ltd. may change the above-mentioned basic policy without a notice for protection of better personal information.
When we change contents, I announce it on this website. understand please.

When you want to do an inquiry about the privacy policy, look at this page.

NOTE: The official privacy policy is Japanese edition.

In Japanese.